KILGORE, Texas (KETK) – One beloved resident of a Kilgore senior living community was honored on Monday for the help she’s given to others throughout the years.

Elwyn Bone was surprised with a celebration from the Arabella of Kilgore community, students of hers from when she taught at Kilgore College and fans of her cookbook “Cooking with Mimi”.

Many visitors brought their own copies of her cookbook so she could sign them. The book is filled with delicious recipes and sold more than 3,000 copies after it’s first release.

Bone explained to KETK why helping people is important to her.

“Helping other people does something for me, it makes me feel good for them, if I could help them in any way to be happy,” said Bone. “It’s quite easy to forget to be happy and to begin to worry about this ache and this pain. That’s not what life’s all about.”

Bone said that signing copies of her book brought back happy memories from when it was first released.