MINEOLA, Texas (KETK) — Four-time Grammy nominee and Mineola native, Ruthie Foster, believes music brings everyone together. She made sure to have a Mineola tour stop on the town’s 150th anniversary to sing her blues and folk tunes.

“It’s a true honor to actually be here and represent Black history and in particular Black history when it comes to music and being a woman, a Black woman in music,” said Foster.

Foster said the Black community is strong in Mineola to overcome adversity.

“It is great to see a community coming together for this occasion. I see Black and white and everybody in there and I like to think that’s what my music represents too,” said Foster.

Foster’s music is a combination between blues, soul and a little gospel.

“We all love those genres one or the other and I’m gonna get you with one or the other,” said Foster.

The city’s marketing director, Owen Tiner, said Black history in Mineola can never be forgotten. Especially in the celebration of 150 years.

“Believe it or not Mineola actually started from not too far from where you are standing right now in a Black community, it wasn’t a city or anything but it was a Black community,” said Tiner. 

Critical to look back at where Mineola started and who was there.

“It’s more important 150 years later because of that and it originated there,” said Tiner.

A reminder that you cannot change the past, but simply acknowledge it for a better future.

“To be in a place now and sing those songs and honoring these people who were a part of that is huge for me,” said Foster. 

Tiner said there will be more sesquicentennial events and plenty more to come for the rest of the year.