LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – On Sunday, Buckner Children and Family Services partnered with Letourneau University on their campus in Longview to bring smiles to the faces of many children and families.

“Buckner they serve the Longview community and families and children who are in need and so Letourneau Student Ministries like the goal is to serve the students on campus and the community, and so it’s just a really great combination of two ministries that just care about Longview and the people here,” said Community VP for Letourneau Student Ministries, Haniah McKurtis.

About 200 families and children were there for a fun time, gathering Easter eggs in their baskets to see what treats are inside.

“A lot of volunteers that come together to put this event on and just to love on our families,” said Director of administration and operations for Buckner children and family services, Shelly Smith.

Workers at Buckner, like Smith, said they are grateful for this partnership.

“It’s an amazing collaboration. It’s a relief for our staff and our families to be able to come to an event and let them be loved on,” added Smith.

Buckner and Letourneau have been partnering together for years. It’s a collaboration both sides enjoy.

“It’s really a blessing back to be able to you know be energized by kids and hang out with them for an afternoon and share God’s love with them,” said president for Letourneau Student Ministries, Krista Anderson.

The goal is to spread joy to those who will benefit from it greatly at a time that’s all about gathering together.