FURCAST: Know the signs of heatstroke

Clear the Shelters

For humans, we remove heat from our bodies by sweating. However for our pets, they eliminate it by panting. When their panting is not enough to reduce the heat, it will cause their body temperature to rise – potentially leading to heatstroke.

While there are many factors that lead to heatstroke potential in our pets, when it comes to the heat their body temperature can rise quickly.

Signs Of Heatstroke
-Increased drooling and panting.
-A tongue that is dry or sticky.
-Rapid & increased heartbeat.
-Body temperature higher than 102°F.

If you see any of these symptoms in your pets, the best recommendation by veterinarians is to cool them off with cold water to lower their body temperature. Also, seek further evaluation to ensure there are no further problems with the brain, kidneys, and blood.

We will have more tips in our Furcast segment each Thursday in August on KETK News At Ten.

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