TYLER, Texas (KETK) – When considering whether or not to bring a furry friend into your life, there’s a lot more to think about other than initial adoption fees.

Once you have a pet, you suddenly have the responsibility of a whole other life to care for. You’ll need to make sure it is fed, comfortable, healthy and happy. As anyone who has had a pet can attest– that can be costly.

If you’re a renter, your landlord might add a pet fee to your rent, then there’s food, collars, treats, toys, vet visits, medication and more. According to Forbes, the average cost of a vet visit in the U.S. is about $61. In Texas, it’s a little lower at $58.75 for one pet, and $104.30 for two pets. 

However, there’s the potential for added costs, including any health complications, dental issues, specialty pet food and, though it may be unthinkable, your furry friend might cause some expensive property damage.

In addition to that, there’s also the question of travelling to think about. Though you might not have any trips planned for the rest of the year, you will likely take a vacation or road trip at some point in the future. That brings up the issue of finding a trustworthy babysitter/somewhere reputable to board your pet.

ASPCA shared estimated total costs of owning a pet, though their most recent estimate was in 2021. The annual total for a dog was $1,391, and a cat was $1,149.

Then there’s the one-time costs, such as spaying/neutering, microchipping, a carrier, grooming tools and more. One-time costs for dogs totaled to $1,030 on average, and for cats it was $455.

The investment isn’t just monetary– there’s a time commitment involved, especially with dogs. Depending on the dog, the amount of time you need to spend together may vary. The American Kennel Club recommends getting at least two hours of social time with humans or other dogs daily. That time does not have to be consecutive.

There are also lifestyle changes to think about such as staying active to keep your furry friend healthy and keep the zoomies at bay, and for dogs, making sure you are home often enough to let them relieve themselves outside regularly.