WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Established in 2017, Brazos Tours gives you a Waco experience like no other!

From exploring historical landmarks featured in Fixer Upper or delighting your taste buds in local eateries, Brazos Tours brings people together.

Approaching their five-year mark here in Waco, Brazos Tours is known to be the most robust touring company that offers six different types of touring experiences. One of the most popular being the fixer upper tour, which runs seven days a week and sometimes four times a day depending on demand.

“This is why people are coming to Waco. To see what Chip and Joanna have been up to here for the past number of years. And so uh, we are really excited to be able to share.” says Brazos Tours General Manager Alyssa Hawkinson

This award-winning experience is open to all ages with activities to entertain families and those wanting to get to know Waco in an intimate way. Brazos Tours offers an array of experiences such as a brewery tour, winery tour, foodie tour, Fixer Upper tour, and a haunted tour.

“You’re gonna see the local food scene, the local beer scene, the local wine scene, and as well as what Chip and Joanna have been up to, and even some spooky scenes, uh that are very historic and it’s just all a really unique way to be able to get to know a city that you’re visiting.” says Hawkinson

Drawing crowds from all over the world, travelers bond with others on the tour and everyone takes a piece of Waco back home with them.

“I still actually communicate with somebody in Australia that’s been on my tour, so that’s really fun for me.” says Brazos Tours Tour Guide Cathie Hyde

The tour even inspires some like, Iowa based tourist, Karen Mason to make future plans.

“I’d love to come back here with my sisters.”

Brazos Tours plans to continue expanding here in Waco in the near future as the number one experience.

For more information on pricing and touring, you can visit the Brazos Tours website here, or give them a call at (254) 300-8725.