GLADEWATER, Texas (KETK) – Gladewater is known as the Antique Capital of East Texas, and for good reason.

The title is a perfect fit for a small city that houses less than 6,500 people, but has multiple antique shops that line their main street.

One of the most popular shops in the Antique Mall is Gladewater’s oldest treasure chest, where vintage finds are hand-picked by the store’s nine dealers who are always traveling around the U.S. finding timeless items to sell.

“We’re always glad when something gets a good, new home,” said Margaret Larkins, owner of Antique Mall. “It was meant to last for generations when it was made, and we like to see it continuing that purpose.”

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the mall, there are several blocks of other antique shops to look through.

Decorate Ornate is one of those shops, and owner Stephanie Chance specializes in heirlooms from overseas.

“It’s definitely one of a kind,” Chance said. “It’s definitely unique. It’s not American antiques, it’s European antiques.”

She personally travels to destinations like Italy, India and France to stock up on genuine hand-crafted items for her shop. She even takes people traveling with her on these adventures. Chance also has two books with stories from the tours.

Plenty of timeless treasures await in this East Texas gem. For those looking to give new life to old goods, Gladewater is where you want to be.