LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – The Gregg County Historical Museum has been open since 1984.

“I always heard that history repeats itself because nobody was listening the first time,” Larry Courington, with the Gregg County Historical Museum said.

The three-story golden brick building has many exhibits to explore with rare finds.

“The museum actually has the second largest collection of Caddo Indian artifacts in the state of Texas.”

Lindsay Loy, with the Gregg County Historical Museum

People can stroll through the museum or have a Gregg County-educated volunteer take them around.

“You can choose, if you’d like a guided tour all you have to do is ask and our friendly docents will be more than happy to take you through the museum, or you’re more than welcome to do a self-guided tour,” Loy said.

The museum has many beautiful sights for people to see.

 “I’d have to say the museum itself has one of the prettiest pressed tin ceilings that I have ever seen. You can take a look up. It’s multicolored, metal, pressed into various designs and there are small cherubs,” Loy said.

From World War exhibits to historic bank robberies and even an interactive fun zone for kids, the Gregg County Historical Museum has made sure the people of East Texas know the ins and out of what came before them.

“People want to know why they are where they are today,” Courington said.

The Gregg County Historical Museum is the perfect place to go for a little fun and to learn.