LAKE TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Owner of the Lake Tyler Marina Resort Brent Allen said Labor Day weekend is always a busy time for them but this year is looking a little different.

“This Labor Day, we’ve seen a lot of families out, we’ve seen a lot more families than single boaters or people that seem to be out partying, this seems to be much more of a family weekend this year,” said Brent Allen, owner, Lake Tyler Marina Resort.

Due to extreme heat and drought-like conditions, there haven’t been a lot of people out on the lakes and there’s a concern about lake levels but Allen said right now they’re in great shape.

“The lake has dropped a little bit, we’re about 1.8 down, which is better than last year, so we’re really grateful for that,” said Allen.

Some people like Scott Warner from Henderson said they aren’t letting the heat stop them from having a good time.

“It feels like bathtub water out there, you know, but when you fall in love with this lifestyle, you’re going to get out and do it no matter what,” said Scott Warner, CFO of Cherokee Motor Marine.

People are spending their Labor Day weekend swimming, on boats and with their families.

“We are going to canoe like, we’re going to go canoeing and then come back,” said lake goers Emma, Valentina and Emilia.

“We’ve just been out here just swimming, we went to the island,” said Peyton Maxey, lake goer.

“We’re going to get out and have some family time tomorrow,” said Warner.

Allen said if you are getting out you need to remember safety is the number one priority.

“One thing that we always want to stress on Lake Tyler is we want everybody to remember it is a family lake and we want everybody to go home safely,” said Allen.

He added that he hopes everyone has a great and fun Labor Day weekend.