JEFFERSON, Texas (KETK) — This Saturday, the second annual Texas UFOcon will be held at the Jefferson Visitor Center.

Doors open at 9 a.m. The conference will consist of a variety of guest speakers, as well as a Q&A and a film screening. The speakers at the conference will be examining some of the specific cases, picking them apart and going into details, as well as discussing things that are happening on a national level, especially following recent government findings.

“Texas is a hot spot for UFO’s,” said Mitchel Whitington, extra-terrestrial researcher and historian. “Jefferson and East Texas, we’ve had three sightings in the last 10 years, so it’s a place where a lot of supernatural, paranormal type things happen. We have a Bigfoot conference, a ghost conference, and now we have an extraterrestrial conference.”

Whitington said he saw a UFO in Jefferson a few years ago.

“What I saw, it wasn’t just a light in the sky I couldn’t identify, it was actually a craft,” Whitington said. “I sat there just staring at it thinking ‘oh my gosh, what is this?’ So now these pictures are coming out, being released by our government and the people who are saying, ‘yes these are real’ are fighter pilots, the men and women actually defending our nation. It kind of puts some credibility there.”

This topic is no longer of niche interest– the U.S. House Oversight Committee held a hearing in July on whether the U.S. has been concealing evidence of non-human aircraft.

“I walk outside at night and look at all the stars in the sky and realize that those are potentially suns to planets like Earth orbiting them,” Event organizer and host Craig Woolheater said. “I think if there’s not intelligent life out there, it’s a huge waste of space in my opinion.”

You can find a detailed schedule of the event here.