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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KETK) – Around Texas is a show created by Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp and highlights what the Texas A&M University School System offers to the Lone Star State.

Sharp shared why he started the show and why it is important for getting information about what the Texas A&M School System does for the whole state of Texas.

“There were a whole bunch of people that we would talk about things that are going on at Texas A&M and they would go, ‘oh my God, I had no idea,” Sharp said. “For instance, we also have eight state agencies. A&M is in charge of cleaning up after Hurricane Harvey, distributing COVID stuff all over the state, puts out forest fires, grass fires all over the state and people didn’t know about it, and we thought, hey there’s some interesting stories here.”

Sharp also shared some of his favorite stories that have been on the show.

“The one about Rebecca, who is the girl that has been in the hospital for surgeries probably more than she’s been out unfortunately. Still found time to create a fund to help other kids in the same boat she’s in,” Sharp said. “The episode about Robert Earl King is interesting. We have episodes about sea turtles and we have episodes about firefighters.”

You don’t have to be an Aggie to enjoy the show as it is about everything that happens around Texas, and you can watch “Around Texas with Chancellor John Sharp” by visiting