Texas clothing company offering solutions for women who work out alone, want to carry

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A Texas-based womenswear company is giving women self defense options. 

Amy Robbins, Founder and CEO of Alexo Athletica, joined us at the KETK studio to show us how she filled a need. 

“I was training for a marathon and was followed and harassed on my run. I didn’t have a self defense tool because there was no place to store it in my athletic clothes and I hate feeling defenseless and helpless.

She continued, “Nothing existed on the market that empowered women by giving them the option to choose which self defense tool they wanted to keep with them while they ran so I did something about it.”

According to Runners World Magazine, 80 percent of women have felt their safety was threatened while walking or jogging alone. 

These clothing options provide a place for tools to be stored. Robbins said her pants can hold all of the essentials from your keys, credit cards, phone, and self defense tools such as mace, tasers or even a firearm for those licensed and trained.

Other advice for women out exercising alone is to be situationally aware, that includes avoiding headphones while running in public. Robbins says to always carry a self defense tool and hide it on your body for quick access. 

This interview was just one part of a species series here on KETK about how women can protect themselves.

Check out “A Woman’s Guide to Self Defense,” all day Monday in all KETK newscasts. Here’s what to watch for:

  • 4PM: Help for domestic violence victims and a Texas woman’s story about losing her sister
  • 5PM: Self-defense class with a demonstration by Henderson Police
  • 6PM: East Texas woman’s story of survival, after a recent robbery and carjacking
  • 10PM: Products and devices to protect yourself, including things you probably never thought about

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