TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Leigh Ann Cook with the Tyler Run for Autism and Lance Hart from Southside Bank visited East Texas Live on Friday to discuss this Saturday’s run.

The event consists of a 10 kilometer, five kilometer and one mile run that will fund expenses for children with autism. Three mothers started the run back when autism wasn’t covered by insurance.

“Because we all have children on the spectrum, we all run this production as volunteers so that literally every penny we raise goes to East Texas families,” Tyler Run for Autism said. “Nothing goes toward admin costs or salaries, we all volunteer to run this production so that every penny the community donates goes to the people who need it the most. And we are so proud to what it has become for the community.”

According to Tyler Run For Autism, one in 36 people are diagnosed with Autism and many experience comorbidities which means they need more help than others.

Southside Bank is bringing arcade games, bubble machines, balloons and Kornpop the clown. There will also be unicorns, bounce houses and bikes.

For more information visit Tyler Run for Autism online.