TYLER, Texas (KETK) – KETK News is highlighting the ladies making big moves from Piney Woods. This week, we head to Tyler and introduce you to a woman making other people’s lives better.

Meet Bethany Clarke, a personal trainer at Rise Rx Fitness in Tyler. However, for her clients, she is much more than that.

“I just like to be that smile they see when they walk in the door, or that hug they might need, or that shoulder they might need to cry on,” Bethany Clarke said.

Whether it is 30 minutes or two hours, a group class or a private session, Clarke cares about every person who walks into the gym.

“I’m there with him for that hour,” Clarke said. “I know about their family, I know about what struggles they’re going through, and the diagnosis they’ve been given. For that time, you know, they trust me to be that shoulder and that ear, and I’m there to listen. I’m not there to shame them for anything, you know, I’m there to just help them through it.”

She wants to encourage people to be physically and mentally healthy.

“My favorite class that I teach is booty yoga,” Clarke said. “I always start that class by taking my shirt off, wearing my sports bra and leggings, and just reminding humans that it is okay to be okay with where you are where you are as a human right now.”

Clarke empowers East Texans through body positivity.

“Love your body,” Clarke said. “Somebody once told me you can’t truly love anybody else until you love yourself. So I like every woman in that room to feel that.”

Lifting others, one weight and hug at a time.

“I don’t let any of my clients leave without a hug and an ‘I love you’ because to me, they’re my family,” Clarke said. “And they’re here, you know, to be better for themselves, whether that’s mentally, physically, or just an hour just to have somebody to talk to. It’s just rewarding.”

Clarke serves as a reminder for people as to how far a smile can go and how kindness can change someone’s day.