BULLARD, Texas (KETK) – KETK News is highlighting the ladies making big moves from Piney Woods. This week, we are featuring someone special for Breast Cancer Awareness month. We introduce you to someone who is a role model for many reasons. 

Meet Sharon Amora-Grammer of Bullard, a member of the Bullard Fire Department. Even past her job of fighting fires, she’s also fighting another kind of battle. 

“October 21, 2022, I was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, stage two,” said Sharon Amora-Grammer. 

Treatment is added to her daily duties as a mother, wife and first responder. 

“I had so many wonderful co-workers who donated sick time, wonderful people. My upper management has worked with me,” said Amora-Grammer. 

Amora-Grammer credits her support system for helping her through it all. 

“I’ve had to call out on the day of chemo or the day after radiation. It gets me tired,” said Amora-Grammer. “My work has been very tremendously awesome.”

However, she will be the first to tell you she does not see herself as a survivor, but as a warrior. 

 “I didn’t let it make me feel like a victim,” said Amora-Grammer. “I told everybody here don’t treat me any different; I’m still a person.”

With too many goals for the future and plans for tomorrow, Amora-Grammer does not let cancer get her down. 

Her words of wisdom to other women, “I would say never let nothing stop you. Do all that you can.”

She is putting the fight in firefighter.