LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – KETK News is highlighting the ladies making big moves from Piney Woods. This week, we head to Longview and introduce you to a woman who brings magic to the lives of others, one light at a time. 

Meet Carmela Davis, the woman who does it all. She is a mother. 

“I have seven kids,” Carmela Davis said. “My last child was later diagnosed as autistic.”

Carmela Davis is the over of Carmela Davis CPA and Carmela’s Magical Santa Land, where she often hosts events to raise money for nonprofits inspiring mobility independence. 

“Everybody has a great time out there because they’re walking, they’re having fun, let alone do they really realize what they’re doing that they’re actually helping raise money, and they’re walking for others that may not can,” Davis said. 

Davis combines her skills as a business owner with her passion for helping others. 

We give trikes away to those that, again, have special needs, whether they’re Down syndrome, autistic or they actually have limbs or something that aren’t working,” Davis said. 

Before Carmela’s Magical Santa Land opens to the public, they host a special needs night every year. 

“They’re not very verbal, but they know they want to see the Christmas lights,” Davis said. 

She has also had to overcome adversity. Two years ago, when Davis was setting up for the event, something tragic happened when the back door of a food truck landed on her. 

“It crushed everything here, my legs, literally my feet were all the way back here because everything here was broken,” Davis said. 

A devastating accident for anyone, especially for a marathon runner like Davis. 

“So here went my days of running, walking, etcetera,” Davis said. “I (was) in a wheelchair and could not use my feet at all.”

However, she did not let that stop her. 

“I was running for National President of Ambucs, and here we help all these children and adults that are in wheelchairs that have much more disabilities than I do right now,” Davis said. 

If anything, she had a new understanding of her work, and she only worked harder. 

“God was trying to show me what it’s really like to be there, to have PTSD, to know the challenges every day of getting ready to get in and out of a car to get in out of a building, to just be in a wheelchair, just all those challenges,” Davis said. “What a better way for me to see it truly.”

Davis said while she can no longer do a 100-mile marathon like she used to, she is back to running and is entered to run in Houston in January. 

KETK News is highlighting the work of extraordinary women making big moves in the Piney Woods. If you or a woman you know would like to be a part of the series, email etxwomen@ketk.com and tell us about an East Texas woman who deserves some recognition.