ARP, Texas (KEKT) – KETK News is highlighting the ladies making big moves from Piney Woods. This week, we will introduce you to someone who honors a lifetime in a day.

Meet Cortney Driver of Arp, the funeral director at Tyler Memorial.

“Once the service starts, you don’t get a second chance,” said Cortney Driver. “You have to make sure it’s perfect the first time, which I take very good pride in that, and then taking care of the disposition, whether that be cremation or burial.”

Driver decided to be a funeral director after someone close to her passed away.

“So his death, though it was very sad, [it] made me be able to help other families and take care of them in their time of need,” said Driver.

Although people might view it as morbid, Driver takes pride in what she does for a living.

“It’s an honor to take care of these people and take care of the families who are left behind after something so tragic can happen,” said Driver. “Everybody has a story about a loved one that’s passed away, and they’re all very special in their own ways.”

She works to make the services memorable.

“I’m an empathetic person; I will feel almost their pain,” said Driver. “I think that does make a good difference as to why I love what I do because I try to do everything that I can, knowing what they’re going through.”

Driver helps East Texans say their final goodbyes.