LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — From Kilgore College Rangerette to Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Kelee Norris of Longview started her second season cheering for the DCC. 

Becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader takes more than just talent, and this East Texan can attest to that, as she just made it back for a second season on the NFL sidelines. However, she has a goal that goes beyond just making the team. 

Norris sets an example for women everywhere. 

“I think it’s a really incredible opportunity to kind of be a role model for younger girls out there,” said Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Kelee Norris. 

Kelee Norris started her dancing career at 8-years-old and became a Kilgore College Rangerette before pursuing her dream of being an NFL cheerleader. 

Dana Blair is the Director of the Kilgore College Rangerettes and former coach of Norris. 

“She improved constantly as a dancer, and then when I’ve been around her since being a part of DCC, I can just see that she’s blossomed in her personality,” said Dana Blair. “I feel like she’s a lot more outgoing and just a lot more confident.”

Norris said becoming a member of the DCC seemed like a distant dream until it became a reality. 

“I looked up to the cheerleaders growing up, and now I’m in this position that I really didn’t expect to be in,” said Norris. 

Every year, hundreds of women go through the rigorous training camp in hopes of becoming a world-renowned Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. 

“I think there are hundreds and hundreds of girls that try out each year,” said Blair. “And there’s usually only maybe 32, 34 spots somewhere in there. So it is a very elite group. And so yes, it is an amazing accomplishment.”

It took support from family and encouragement from her fellow Rangerettes for Norris to overcome her fears and try out for the team. 

“I’m just kind of there trying to do what I can, in my position here, to, you know, let people know that you can achieve your goals, reach your dreams, whatever you want to do,” said Norris. 

When she thought she could not, she proved herself wrong. 

Norris did not only make the team her first year trying out, but she also won Rookie of the Year.

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