TYLER, Texas (KETK) — KETK News is highlighting the ladies making big moves from the Piney Woods. This week, we introduce you to a Tyler business owner who is a cut above the rest.

Meet Stephanie Troyer of Tyler, the owner of Gotta Graze.

“We offer charcuterie boards and tables for events and weddings and anything that people ask for mostly,” said Stephanie Troyer.

Troyer adds a personal touch to every order.

“Each board is personalized,” said Troyer. “There are no boards that look the same.”

She even takes the time to write a personalized handwritten note for each board.

“My heart has always been something that desires good hospitality,” said Troyer.

Before Gotta Graze, Troyer was an Emergency Room nurse for 15 years.

“I have always desired to do something of my own,” said Troyer. “I loved ER nursing, but I just came to a place where I really felt like the Lord was leading me to do something else to serve in a different way.”

She hopes to encourage other women to pursue their dreams, regardless of age.

“As far as being a role model, I feel like I’m a little older than most people who are starting a business and changing careers,” said Troyer. “I would just hope to give some kind of example to someone who isn’t, you know, younger and wanting to start out in business.”

Troyer said her favorite part about the business is her customers.

“I’m overwhelmed by the support of the community, and without the community, then I’m nothing,” said Troyer.

No matter how it is sliced or diced, Troyer said she is thankful her customers chose to have her boards at every “say cheese” worthy event.