RUSK COUNTY, Texas (KETK) — KETK News is highlighting the ladies making big moves from the Piney Woods. This week, we head to Rusk County and introduce you to two women who save animals and serve the community.

Meet Lisa Waugh and Kelli Ballenger of Henderson, the founders of Rusk County Pets Alive.

“There are rescues that do lots of different jobs, but ours is so focused on keeping our local rescue at no-kill status, which is 90% and above,” said Lisa Waugh. 

Through their work with the Henderson County Animal Shelter, these women are on a mission to give animals a new leash on life. 

“I think anything worthwhile is you’re gonna have a lot of challenges, you know, but it’s definitely more rewarding than it is hard for sure,” said Kelli Ballenger. 

Waugh and Ballenger work as a team to make a difference. 

“We try to figure out how to create other leaders, how to create a system, anything to keep this going beyond us,” said Ballenger. “It’s not just an impact or a flash while you’re here.”

The women want to have a lasting impact on the East Texas community. 

“We are continuing to grow our program so that it expands to reach out into the community and make a difference, whether that be by being able to assist more animals or to assist community members,” said Waugh. 

They also encourage East Texans to join their pack and give back. 

“Volunteering is huge,” said Ballenger. “If you want to make a difference, get out and do something.”

The women encourage people to help keep Rusk County Pets Alive. 

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