TROUP, Texas (KETK)- The Troup community did not disappoint this Thanksgiving weekend. About 40 East Texan volunteers came together to help Clysister Lawson’s house become a home before the winter season.

“It’s been a long time just driving by here and seeing the blue tarps,” said Sergio Carey, a neighbor of the Troup community who spearheaded the makeover project for Ms. Lawson by posting to social media to bring everyone together.

Hometown Developments who lent a helping hand with Lawson’s problem had planned on giving her a home renovation within three days. However, workers and volunteers soon found more damage on the property than they expected.

“We are trying to get the flooring level in the house, it’s all caved in. The bricks have shifted because of all the rain. We are currently trying to get it leveled and get some sturdiness reinforced,” said Casey.

Due to the damages, Carey shared that they are still looking for volunteers for the upcoming weekends.

Termite damage, severe foundational issues, and rotten wood just to name a few- were found all around Ms. Lawson’s home.

“The damages in the home- they were a lot worse than what we were expecting. Once we tore off the siding you got into a whole lot of other problems and the walls coming down. Some walls were just being held up by a couple of nails,” said JK Hamilton with Hometown Developments.

Both Carey and Lawson are grateful to those who took time out of their Thanksgiving holiday and time with their family to help a fellow East Texan in need. Lawson feels blessed to have a strong and supportive East Texas community coming together to help make miracles happen.

“I’m so pleased and thankful for these people helping me out, honey. I feel like a burden is off of me,” said Lawson.

If you are interested in volunteering with Hometown Developments in the next coming weekends, you can call 903-705-8039 for more information or send a Facebook message here.