DALLAS, Texas (KETK) – Before the Rangers bring their first World Series Victory Parade to Arlington on Friday, KETK is going back into the archives to see another Dallas team’s last parade.

In this From the Archives report, former KETK reporter Jared Hale attended the Cowboy’s 1996 Super Bowl victory parade. The parade featured the Tyler Junior College Apache Band and Apache Belles.

“It was very fun, no violence, no fighting, that probably made us the happiest, not to see the guys out there tearing up everything” said one fan.

Overall it seems like the parade went off without a hitch and everyone had a good time celebrating their victory.

“The crowd was very well behaved. I think there was a rapport back and forth between the players and the fans and with the floats and the bands it really gave an overall great atmosphere,” added another attendee.

Cowboys players like Troy Aikman, Bill Bates, Emmitt Smith and more were in attendance.