SMITH COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – The capital murder trial of Deanna Laney back in 2004 was one that captivated the area, after being accused of killing her two children and injuring a third.

In this week’s From the Archives report, we show you the emotional trial.

Friends and extended church family shedding tears as the prosecutors played the 911 phone call made by Laney herself on the day of the crime.

“911 operator, you’ve done what?” “I’ve just killed my boys.” “Where are your boys?” “Outside.” “Where outside?” “In the front yard.” “What did you use?” “A rock.” “You hit your boys with a rock?” “Yes.”

911 call played during trial

Both the State and the defense agreed that she had confessed to murdering the children, but the debate came over Laney’s state of mind at the time.

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According to the defense attorney, Laney’s psychotic episodes and delusions told her God was instructing her to kill her sons. But then District Attorney Matt Bingham reminded jurors who decides the mental state.

“The issue of sanity is tried in the courts, not the hospitals. The issue of sanity is not decided by a panel of experts, there decided by you,” said Bingham during the trial.

Laney was aquitted of the crimes, and then sentenced to a mental institution.