GRAND SALINE, Texas (KETK) – This week Grand Saline is celebrating their salt festival and back in 2000, KETK went deep down into the Earth to see the salt mines which make the city famous.

In this From The Archives report from 2000, former KETK reporter Paul Muller went 700-feet underground to the remnant of ancient sea where pure salt was mined in a series of tunnels miles and mile across.

As of 2000, Boyde Parmer had worked in the salt mine for 29 years, it was his first job out of the Army.

“I probably don’t think any more about going underground than you do going out on your jobs,” said Parmer

Muller asked Parmer about the danger of the mine but Parmer said there are risks where ever you go. “There’s always a possibility on the outside that a tornado may come by, there’s a possibility anywhere you go,” said Parmer.

According to Parmer, the mine brought up six tons of salt to the surface every three minutes. Parmer said that salt mining had been good to him and that he planned to work in the salt mine until his retirement.