TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Grab your tickets and get your popcorn, we’re taking you to when the Carmike Theaters opened in Tyler.

In this week’s From the Archives report, we’re taking you back to 2005, when movies like “Sin City,” “Guess Who,” “Miss Congeniality 2,” and “Million Dollar Baby” were some of the top names in the box office.

The theater had more than 2,000 stadium seats, 14 jumbo movie screens with the largest standing at 65 feet tall.

“Everybody has nice seats, popcorn and drinks and big screens but this is a little different,” said marketing director Dale Hurst.

The money raised from the opening went to the Children’s Miracle Network.

That story was done by our former reporter Chris Grant. Carmike Theatres have now become the AMC Classic theater.