TYLER, Texas (KETK) Talk about a sweet treat for Christmas! How about some toffee?

Founded almost two decades ago, Texas Moon Gourmet Toffee is a unique treat idea to send for Christmas or even just for yourself.

Founded by Victoria Ashworth, she took her mother’s favorite recipe and decided more than just their friends and family would like it.

The name comes from Ashworth’s grandmother, who’s maiden name was Moon.

All of her grandmother’s family grew up in Arkansas. The oldest of 7, she decided to move to Texas.

“She was a Texas moon. I wanted to name it after her [Ashworth’s grandmother]. It’s really nice to have a treasured family recipe that I can share with many people. People rave and quite honestly are addicted to it.”

Victoria Ashworth

The ingredients in the toffee are grown right here in Texas, which qualifies it as a “Go Texan” product.

So what’s in the toffee? You’ve got pecans, chocolate, a lot of butter, a lot of sugar, and a little family secret.

That little family secret has kept the business going for almost 20 years now.

“We love Victoria! We know the history of the recipe and we enjoy buying more of it every year. It tastes so good!” said Margret Perkins, a customer who continues to buy the toffee every single year.

Ashworth no longer lives in East Texas, but you can get the sweet treats online!

If you plan to attend this year’s Mistletoe and Magic event, you can catch her there and get some delicious treats.

They’ve got small and large bags available, as well as small, medium, or large gift tins.