Christmas Trees in short supply, why more East Texans are buying sooner


LINDALE, Texas (KETK) – Christmas trees big and small are selling out all over East Texas, leaving few options for shoppers who are looking to decorate this week. 

Unlike other shortages which are due to current supply chain issues, the owner of C and C Christmas Tree Farm in Lindale says Christmas tree shortages have mother nature to blame.  

“Four of five years ago we had a really bad drought. Not only did it affect Christmas trees  but it affected other things too. and the snow of last year didn’t do any of us any favors either,” said Hatch.  

According to the National American Christmas Tree Association, an increase in demand and more people buying trees earlier is also to blame for the shortage 

Hatch tells us it takes a lot of patience to grow a Christmas tree, or thousands for that matter! They can take four to five years to grow to the height we chop them down at. 

Throughout those years, the trees will experience many different weather conditions. Whenever severe weather hits, it can leave a lasting impact. 

over near Lindale, Hatch’s farm is still full. He and his wife have close to 3,000 trees available because they closed for a couple years. This year he will plant 300 more. 

“I’ve had lots of calls wanting to know if we have trees still, ‘I said yes we do,’” added Hatch. 

He said they are ready to be chopped down and taken home for a merry Christmas. A tree of any size is $40. 

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