Couples give advice on long-lasting love


Valentine’s Day has couples all over the world celebrating their love however they so choose.

To honor the holiday, KX News spoke to couples who have been married the majority of their lives.

They don’t claim to be experts, but what we do know is that they’ve all done something right along the way.

Joe & Janice Juma, Marie & Marvin Felan, and Adrien and Dolores Belcourt have a collective 180 years of marriage among them, but it seems to have gone by in a flash.
“It has been a wonderful life,” Marie Felan, married 52 years, said.

They all remember how they met and the day they got married like it was just a short time ago.

“I had a little skip in my step back then,” Janice Juma said, “but the skip has kind of gone out as we got older.”
“Yeah, if she would’ve told me about that …” her husband Joe said with a laugh.

But they all agree that marriage isn’t always easy, and that’s okay, as long as each person, equally, gives their best effort.

“[It takes] hard work,” Dolores Belcourt said. Her husband, Adrien agreed. “You got to give and take. But we were both so busy all the time that we didn’t have time to fight.”

“You gotta share everything,” Felan said. “Everybody has to give and take. It isn’t a one-way street, ever.”

Joe Juma added, “When you have disagreements and they say something you don’t like, you just got to learn to forgive them.”

So what’s the secret behind a loving and long-lasting marriage? According to the Belcourts, Felans, and Jumas, it’s establishing your differences, your similarities, meeting in the middle, and making each other laugh.

“Well I knew I was irresistible,” Joe Juma said with a laugh. “Other than that, I was a lonely country boy out there on the farm. I just took the first gal I saw!”

Janice said marriage seems harder nowadays, though, that couples are faced with a lot more challenges than what she faced when her marriage was once new.
“This guy or that gal looks better than the one you married,”
… but did we mention the importance of a good sense of humor?
Joe chimed in, “That couldn’t happen. You think they could look better than me?”
No! Not you,” Janice said. “I’m not talking about you!

The three couples were honored at Elmcroft of Minot for their many years of dedication to one another.

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