TYLER, Texas (KETK) — “‘Tis the season,” we’ve all heard that before. But is it just about presents, or does it mean something more?

Santa Claus himself claims the season is about “the birth of our lord and savior.” Many others, including Bishop Nickalous Mcgrew, Lead Pastor of Higher Dimensions Church, say it’s about Jesus as well.

Jesus Christ is said to have saved our lives, but what about people who think that’s not right?

“I see it as an opportunity for those who do not believe in Jesus Christ to also share love,” said Jamie L. Capers, Pastor of Miles Chapel.

Sharing the love can mean many things. Not receiving, but giving to those who are in need.

“Maybe you’re at the store and somebody’s about to buy their groceries, and you got an extra dollar or two…how about this? Buy their groceries for them…help them pay for it,” said Sedrarick Dinkens, Chaplin and Assistant Professor of Religion at Jarvis Christian College.

The gift of love is a wonderful expression, but we can’t forget about those who suffer from seasonal depression.

Pastor Mcgrew said “it’s reminders of love ones that have gone on and passed away. And you think about the time that you had together during that time during the holidays particularly and so grief is a process and a lot of time seasonal depression is a part of that grief.”

There’s many Christmas traditions around the world, but some more than others are better preferred.

“My tree stays up all year round. So we turn it into a valentines tree. We turn it into an independence day tree…it stays right there all year round,” said Dinkens.

The end of the year is a time to reflect, thinking about what happened and what happens next.

“This time of Christmas of sharing love and giving gifts to one another is also a time to re-energize and refresh people who may have had a difficult year and to give them hope that in 2022, that they can go forth strong courageous and bold, and having the assurance that everything is going to work out,” said Pastor Capers.

Christmas brings family time and good food in our jaws, but there’s one thing we didn’t mention, a man named Santa Claus. Now old Saint Nick has mixed reviews, but he was part of my childhood and maybe yours too.

“it allows them to believe in that which we will never see!” said Dinkens.

So decorate your tree and get comfy in your pajamas, but before you go, here’s one last word from Santa.

“I hope this year you have a very merry Christmas and we’ll see you next year…”