LINDALE, Texas (KETK) – It might be the season for cold weather outside, but it’s warm inside the Lindale Candy Company. On average more than 112 degrees warmer to be exact and Owner Jeremiah Cagle loves every second of it. 

“So, you know um it’s been fun it’s been really fun being the candy fun,” said Jeremiah Cagle, owner of Lindale Candy Company .

Out of all the candy they create, peppermint is what they hang their hat on. 

“We’ve really struggled just to keep peppermint on the shelf. Our first two years we sold out of peppermint,” said Cagle. 

The Cagles are all about sharing, especially with children and their business is constantly growing. 

The Cagle’s dream is to be able to do the two things they love most: to be able to make candy and to be able spend time with their community, and this expansion allows them to do this just in time for the holidays. 

Students from Cain Elementary School in Whitehouse were able to get an up close and personal look at all the candy making magic.

“It’s so satisfying watching them make the candy canes and looking at the chocolate and seeing how they make all that,” said Gage Hughes, Whitehouse ISD fifth grader. 

For the children, the field trip was truly special. 

“This is the first field trip that they’ve been able to do in a couple of years because of COVID, so they have been so excited this is huge,” said Cisti Graham, Whitehouse ISD mom. 

Cagle hopes to make everyone’s Christmas that much sweeter.