TYLER, Texas (KETK) – While they may look like they have a hard exterior, on the inside this group of East Texas bikers have soft hearts.

“Kids have this idea, stereotype of bikers being big bad, you know burley bikers. Clearly, we’re not, but we still want them to know that we have their back no matter what,” said president of the Babet group, Barbara Schelest

This group of riders, known as Bikers Against Bullying East Texas, or Babet for short, said they just want to spread joy this holiday season and the rest of the year.

“Everybody wants to feel loved, and this is just outpouring of love for us and we love it,” said Babet vice president, Brittany Kelly.

The bikers teamed up with Mobile Home Masters in Tyler to make the Christmases of many foster kids a lot brighter, bringing in bags of toys, not on Santa’s sleigh, but on motorcycles.

“Foster kids don’t always have the opportunity to say this is mine,” said Kelly. “And we’re giving them an opportunity to have a possession.”

The president of Mobile Home Masters, Matias Pena, said it was a no-brainer partnering together for a good cause.

“Getting involved with the kids is very important. They are our future, so making sure that we take care of them, put a smile on their face is something they’ll remember forever,” said Pena.

It’s the toy run’s third year, and it’s bigger than ever before.

“It’s fabulous! Our families love it, our kids love it. They love the opportunity just to have fun and relax and enjoy time,” said Program Director for Arrow Child and Family Ministries, Sandy Stephens.

Getting to witness pure holiday magic for the children is something priceless for the bikers and the foster care workers.

“You know we can see the joy on our families faces…we’re so thankful,” said recruitment supervisor Kim Eylar-Sanchez.

Giving back to others is what it’s all about this Christmas season.