TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Santa Claus came to town and visited Boshears in Tyler!

Boshears Center for Exceptional Programs held its annual Christmas event sponsored by the Local branch of the International Communications Workers for America (IUE-CWA).

“All of the employees in the community really look forward to it and they come to us and they are so excited to give back to the community,” said Tierra Griffin with IUE-CWA.

The event had snacks, presents and the man of honor, Santa Claus.

The school director said it’s a special time for each student to get one-on-one time with Santa.

“You’ll see the smiles on their faces. Some of them are a little reluctant, but Santa’s always great to take the time needed with each individual student,” said director, Brooke Parker.

All 74 students were sponsored by each IUE-CWA employee.

“Our commitment and our goal is to make sure that every child is taken care of,” Tammy Ray with IUE-CWA.

IUE-CWA worker said it’s exciting and gratifying to come back year after year to create a magical time for the students.

“We wish that everyone could be here to see the look on these children’s faces when they receive those things. It’s fulfilling, it’s amazing,” said Ray.

There were smiles from ear-to-ear ready for Christmas in a couple of weeks.

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