TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Picking out a fresh Christmas tree is a tradition many families choose to participate in every holiday season.

The Breckenridge Christmas Tree Village, a nonprofit fresh Christmas tree lot, opened for the first time on Friday.

“I feel like we probably got here early in the season so, you know, we found the tree pretty fast. A lot of good tall trees, I mean they pretty much have everything your looking for out here,” said Christmas tree shopper Shawn Tucker.

The Tucker family chose Breckenridge Christmas Tree Village to shop for their home’s Christmas centerpiece. It’s the largest fresh Christmas tree lot in East Texas, with around 1,500 freshly cut Oregon Christmas trees.

“Not only can you come to get a tree, you can come and get some refreshments, we have places you can take a family photo, we’re also gonna have visits by Santa Claus,” said Executive Director Chelsea Owens. “We have the Breckenridge Village ensemble which is our choir, our hand bells choir that’s gonna play and we’re going to be on the weekends doing live nativity.”

Owens said it’s been a successful opening weekend, with many sales.

“We’ve been working on this for six months, and now that we have it set up, and now that we have people coming here, it really is incredible. And it is gonna be such a blessing to our residents to be able to know that we did this and we did it all for them,” said Owens.

The nonprofit Christmas tree village benefits those who live at Breckenridge.

“We’re a nonprofit, we serve adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and so this is actually helping people as well,” said Owens.

Breckenridge Village provides 24/7 care to their residents, so every dollar helps give back, especially at a time when inflation has made this an expensive Christmas.

“We are excited, very excited,”  said Wendy Kennedy, a Breckenridge Village resident.

The Tucker family said one of the reasons they chose to shop here was the added bonus of making a difference in the East Texas community.

“It’s something we were gonna buy anyway and it’s so wonderful to be able to use the money that goes towards a good cause, and help people that need it, especially this time of year,” said Katie Tucker.

The Christmas tree village will remain open until Dec. 15, but Owens said she expects they will sell out of trees before then.

“All these trees are absolutely gorgeous,” said Owens. “They’re all standing in water, which means they’re perfectly fresh when you take them home. If somebody wants a tree, we encourage you come out now while the selection is good.”

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