TYLER, TX (KETK)- 8-year-old, Romio Hernandez and 11-year-old, Aiden Moreno, are spending their thanksgiving giving back.

“To help the homeless people, maybe they don’t have a house, so we are giving them food to help out, and invite them here, and give them food, serve them, give them drinks so they can feel welcomed,” said Aiden Moreno, 11 years old.

They volunteered at the Tyler Salvation Army serving hot meals to those in need, putting a smile on everyone’s face.

“Make them feel like they are important and thankful and like give them food because they can’t buy any, they need help with it. So that’s why we are serving them,” said Romio Hernandez, 8 years old.

Both boys know the impact they are making on the people they help.

“We are making them feel like we care for them and like we love them, we care for them for having a good life,” said Hernandez.

Hundreds of people showed up to receive hot meals like turkey, dressing, and pies.

“You know it’s harder to make a living now, it’s harder to put gas in the car, it’s harder to do everything right now, you know we started with COVID and it just continued on and you know the mission hasn’t changed we are still serving down here at the Salvation Army 365 days a year,” said Jeremy Walker, Captain, Tyler Salvation Army.

The Tyler Salvation Army was able to feed more than 500 people on Thursday.

“We want to be here for those in need, we hope one day that there’s not a need, but as long as there is because of the good lord and this community we are able to be the hands and feet of God and be able to serve,” said Walker.

Romio and Aiden are leaving everyone with an important message.

“Always be kind and never be mean,” said Moreno.