KILGORE, Texas (KETK) – The Robinsons family opened Danville Tree Farms in Kilgore back in 1982 and now many East Texas families get their Christmas trees there every year.

Amanda Langford brings her children every year and she rotates who gets to pick the tree. This year her daughter, Ava Langford gets to pick the tree. “When it’s big and juicy.. And I want it to be able to hold all of the amazing ornaments on it,” said Ava Langford.

“You see kids growing up over the years and I’ve watched my kids growing up in the pictures we take very year,” said Amanda Langford, Kilgore resident.

Danville Farms is more than just a tree farm. They have Santa Claus, hot cocoa, smores and other activities for the family to enjoy.

“You can ride a hay ride on the farm and you can look for trees that way, the family gets to just walk around and find one once they all agree on one, that’s usually a struggle,” said Kathy Adams, Danville Farms employee.

James Robinson, grower of Danville Farms enjoys seeing all of the families experience the farm. “We are mightily blessed to have the customers that we have,” said Robinson. He is thankful for their 1,400 trees for sale. “We lost a few of our seedlings trees, less than 5%, the older trees grew off well but they are shorter this year they didn’t grow quite as tall,” said Robinson.

Danville Farms will be closed as soon as all of its trees are sold. Kathy Adams thinks they may be out of trees by the end of the weekend.

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