TYLER, Texas (KETK) — It’s that time of the year when we are sending packages to our loved ones around the world, to avoid the stress of waiting in long lines and making sure your items arrive on time you need to meet the holiday deadlines.

If you plan on heading to the post office, first-class domestic mail must get in by the Dec. 17 and priority needs to be in by Dec. 19. As for UPS, domestic three-day mail, you’ll want it in by Dec. 20.

Lynda Spangler has been shipping out packages to her loved ones with USA Shipping Center, out of Tyler for years.

“I have to plan everything early so I can get everything arranged and get it down here to ship,” said Spangler.

Greg Ferguson, owner of USA Shipping says he is starting to get very busy.

“If you’re shipping things you want the cognisant of this time of year the extra volume, you want to think about the time frame, and the distance, the further it’s got to go the longer it’s going to take and then also you have the weather to worry about. So, if you’re going up north, the package could be delayed for snow, rain, any kind of weather,” said Ferguson.

He suggested, that if you plan on shipping out to those in the military or internationally, send it out by the end of this week.

Ferguson added that if you’re using old boxes, it is important to remove the old labels.

When it comes to shipping, prices vary depending on size, weight and distance. Spangler has advice for anyone who is planning on sending gifts this holiday season:

“Do it really early, plan ahead, then you don’t have to worry whether it gets there on time or not,” said Spangler.

It’s important to get tracking numbers for all of your packages and pay attention to how your mail your gift cards. You don’t want to make it easy for potential thieves to spoil your holiday. Save yourself the stress this holiday season, by shipping out your gifts early!