TYLER, Texas (KETK) — After more than 1200 days, Olivia and Caroline were officially adopted by the Roberts family. 

With the legal progress finally behind them, they are thrilled to get to share their first real holiday together.  

Christmas will be looking a little different this year for the girls. 

Because they weren’t sure how long the sisters would be with them, in years past the Roberts spoiled them with presents, along with Santa Claus.  

“You know when you are fostering them, you are very careful about not planning too far in advance because you don’t know if they are going to be there… you know how long they are going to be there. So I think for us that is the most exciting part for us is like planning a future,” said Valerie Roberts, adoptive mother. 

However, this year’s gifts aren’t wrapped with bows or bags. Instead, the parents are planning future family trips and starting their own traditions.  

Every year they let the girls pick out their own ornament to hang on the tree. This originally was a way for the parents to have a piece of the girls when they got to go home. 

“My attempt was to look back you know with these ornaments and they would be memories of the kids that had potentially gone home,” said Roberts. 

Now picking an ornament has become a family tradition for the girls. 

“Like last year one of our girls asked for a cupcake from Santa and so I mean they were just amazed that Santa brought them this cupcake on Christmas morning,” said Roberts.  

With a permanent home and family, Christmas is sure to be a magical time every year.