JACKSONVILLE, TX (KETK) – Rob Gowin, owner of Sadler’s in Jacksonville, said he has been busy with pie orders this year.

“We’re to the overwhelming stage right this minute, it’s been nonstop, you know 10 or 12 hours a day” said Gowin.

He wasn’t sure at the beginning of the season that he would have enough.

“Coming into this holiday season the whole supply chain concerned me, but it has been relatively smooth,” said Gowin.

Gowin has been lucky to be able to make more than 300 pies, even with the price of eggs tripling. Great Harvest Bread Company in Tyler is feeling the stress as well.

“This year we are going to be well over a 150, I’m not sure, we will keep baking until they are gone,” said Laura Jones, Owner, Great Harvest Bread Company.

Whether you like pecan, pumpkin or apple pie, or any other variety of flavor, they are a Thanksgiving staple. If you actually want one on your table this year, you might want to get one quickly.

“Because there won’t be any left, it’s walking out the door like, we can’t keep things on the shelf,” said Jones.

Both companies are baking nonstop to make sure everyone that wants one gets pie.

“We bake around the clock from Sunday afternoon until we close on Wednesday afternoon, so these ovens are cranking 24 hours a day right now,” said Laura Jones.

Both Sadler’s and Great Harvest Bread Company have stopped taking advanced orders, but are still getting calls and walk-ins.

“Every time I think I have the inventory I need here comes another round of orders, but no it’s pretty well managed, you know what you can do ahead of time and you know what has to be done tomorrow morning, ” said Gowin.

Gowin and Jones said they will continue to bake pies until their doors close Wednesday evening, and wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving.

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