LINDALE, Texas (KETK) – The day after Black Friday is Small Business Saturday. It’s an opportunity for East Texans to support local businesses.

You’ll find some of the only hand roped peppermint candy left in the country at Lindale Candy Company.

“We put the stripes on by hand, no two batches ever look the same,” Jeremiah Cagle, owner of Lindale Candy Company said.

Its stores like this that make shopping small a unique experience.

“We’ve added 2,000 square feet to the back of the property for people to come and watch us make the candy.”

Jeremiah Cagle, owner of Lindale Candy Company

Historically after thanksgiving is a big shopping weekend with big-box stores offering deals Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Small Business Saturday is the busiest time of year for locally owned stores.

“Small Business Saturday is crucial for us because we are the ones donating the football, band boosters, the cheerleaders and the people that are in need in the community. It’s the small businesses that are donating to these individuals, families and groups hear in your community.”

Jeremiah Cagle, owner of Lindale Candy Company

Business owners say its more than just buying products it’s about the personal interaction

“If they just need to come in and need a hug, need to tell us a really good story or something sad that’s happened, we really like to get to know our customers,” Jennifer Ballew with Broken Boutique.

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