TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A big gift arrived at the Smith County Sheriff’s Office in Tyler Monday. Two local businessmen donated joy.

50 Build-A-Bear’s were given to the Smith County Patrol Deputies and 50 to the Children’s Advocacy Center in Tyler.

Cooper Adams works at Homes by N&A, alongside his partner, Daniel Nagore.

“The reason that we wanted to give these bears is because there are a lot of children in the East Texas area that are in need and they really just need a friend,” said Cooper Adams.

Justin Eakin is a Smith County Deputy who was there for the giveaway.

“It’s unfortunate that sometimes we have to go to calls, where it’s not a good situation, and there’s kids there,” said Justin Eakin. “So just to kind of make them a little bit happier, give them a little bit of joy.”

This is the second year for Cooper Adams and Daniel Nagore to do this.

“We did it last year, and the recipient was the East Texas Crisis Center,” said Daniel Nagore. “I think we gave him way too many bears last year, so they still have them. So we decided to do this in the County Sheriff’s Office and the Children’s Advocacy Center.”

Nagore and Adams came up with the idea from their mentor and hope to continue his legacy of giving.

“His name was Melvin Rule, he passed away in 2019,” said Nagore. “He was a great advocate for the community, he was always giving.”

The Smith County Sheriff’s Office said they are thankful to be included this year.

“It was very nice of the two individuals that own the company to make these bears,” said Deputy Eakin. “So we can give out to those kinds of kids that might be going through a tough time.”

They brought comfort to children and gave them a friend when they need it most.

“As long as there’s kids in need and there’s to give, we want to keep on doing this,” said Adams.

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