TERRELL, Texas (KETK) — As Thanksgiving Day approaches, many Texans are stopping at Buc-ee’s for rest from the congested highways.

Justin Henry from McKinney is traveling to Chandler to spend time with his family and said it hasn’t been a smooth ride.

“Pretty rough, 635 and 35 and now 80, it’s been difficult,” said Justin Henry, McKinney resident.

He has two small children and said keeping them calm during the long car ride can be tough.

“The kids have been okay in the car, we’ve been listening to Disney tunes and various things to keep them occupied,” said Henry.

After being stuck in traffic for hours on end, people are just looking for a place to rest. That’s where Buc-ee’s comes in, but don’t forget to take a selfie with the beaver himself.

“It’s the easiest access on and off for where we are going, and it’s just Walmart’s a disaster right now… we just didn’t want to get in there and deal with the traffic there as well,” said Henry.

Some people like William Humston from Grapevine aren’t traveling for the holidays, but are having to drive for work.

“There has been some hazards on the road, which I have updated on my apps every time I see one, and a couple of speed checks, but other than that everything has been great,” said William Humston, Grapevine resident.

Henry stopped at Buc-ee’s to give his kids time out of the car but wishes he had prepared more for the trip.

“We just hopped in the car last minute and took off, and yeah I shouldn’t have taken 635, but I did,” said Henry.

He left everyone traveling with a very important tip:

“Don’t try to hop off, which I tried to do, I tried to hop off the main road to get to the access, but it’s a little muddy, so don’t try it, the wife said don’t do that, which I didn’t, so we avoid that, and avoided getting stuck,” said Henry.

Henry and Humston wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.

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