TYLER, Texas (KETK) – As holiday travel season kicks off, Steve Thompson, the manager at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport says the location is full of energy.

The aviation industry is overcoming the impacts of the pandemic. The number of people flying is now the same as pre-pandemic numbers.

“An interesting fact is when we looked (at) the numbers we had significant higher numbers of people traveling to Tyler for this holiday week than people traveling from Tyler,” said Thompson.

He says with heavier foot traffic, this is the perfect time for city officials to show off their facilities and convenience.

“We have ample curb space that enables quick loading and unloading of folks. We have TSA precheck to facilitate people getting through the airport quickly here,” said Thompson.

Before you take off, you do not want to forget what should not be brought on a plane.

“When it comes to food, if it’s not a liquid, it can be in your carry on luggage. What’s a liquid you may ask? If you can spill it, spray it, pour it or pump it, it’s limited to 3.4 ounces,” said TSA spokesperson, Patricia Mancha.

TSA recommends flyers to arrive at the airport two hours before domestic flights and three hours for international flights.

“TSA and the airport experience are all working together to get you and your family to your final destination, so pack your patience,” said Mancha.

Thompson also says to arrive at the airport even earlier during the holiday season.

Tyler Airport will have a TSA precheck enrollment week in February.

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