How Black Friday is changing: people urged to start shopping earlier to avoid delays


TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Last year due to COVID-19, many stores closed for Thanksgiving, but the changes may be permanent for the busiest shopping day of the year. 

Now that COVID-related retail disruptions have lessened, Black Friday sales events are back, but Black Friday is no longer just one day. Stores have been starting their sales sooner, and more shopping is being done online. 

“We will continue to see that the day isn’t as important, but I think Black Friday means more to people than just one day now. It means these great Christmas sales, it means really the kick off of the excitement of the shopping,” said Barbara Wooldridge, UT Tyler professor of marketing. 

Black Friday won’t be starting Thanksgiving night for most places this year, and bigger stores like Walmart and Target are saving their big ticket items just for the day after Thanksgiving to give employees time to spend with their families. 

”A mom and daughter said… it’s really important to them now especially since the pandemic that they do shop local only,” said Southern TurnStyle Boutique owner Rachael Hanson. 

Locally-owned businesses are also getting involved in Black Friday, but one boutique is adding an extra event. Southern TurnStyle in Tyler will be holding pink Friday ahead of the big day. It is a national event that local business think will end up replacing Black Friday. 

“Definitely yes. We are ramping up for that for Black Friday, we will have some specials and we will have an in-person event, but also for pink Friday,” said Hanson.

Whether you shop locally or at chain stores, you want to make sure you plan ahead.   

“Part of it is because consumers have decided ‘I need to start shopping now, because I want to make sure I have what I want before it is sold out or that it gets to me on time,’” said Wooldridge. 

For those that are hesitant to join the crowds for the Christmas sales, there is no need to worry because you can still do your shopping online. It is important to remember that it may take longer to receive the items you order online, so plan accordingly. 

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