NEW SUMMERFIELD, Texas (KETK) – KETK recognized the New Summerfield Police Department for helping the community during our KETK Gives Back segment on Thursday.

“We have a great team here,” said Sgt. Dan Finkelstein. “A lot of different variation in the officers we have, aside from everyone having many years in law enforcement. I’m an EMT, one of our other officers is a registered nurse, so we’re able to provide a service to the community above and beyond what you would expect for conventional law enforcement.”

New Summerfield sits at the intersection of Highway 79 and Highway 110 in Cherokee County. Some have been known to speed through the intersection, and Finkelstein gave some tips on making sure you’re driving responsibly.

“Being aware, that’s one of those key things. Awareness is what your speed is and what the speed limit is,” Finkelstein said. “Those are set by the state, and they’re set for a reason. Some people rely on their GPS, and that may or may not always be right, but looking at those speed limit signs, like religiously, is the key.”

Finkelstein said the department also is able to interact with the community and patrol the schools regularly. He said they have direct contact with teachers and administrators, and that communication is a key to staying safe and informed.

“We have presentations on safety that we do for the school, we have regular meetings with the schools administration where we work with them on safety issues,” he said. “Security for the school, drills, how we can make it safer. See something, say something.”

New Summerfield boasts La Juanita’s restaurant and many locally-owned plant farms.

Peters Chevrolet Buick Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat provided team members with free snacks to show their gratitude. Peters Chevrolet is also making donations to different groups of East Texas first responders this year.