LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — Sunday marked the hottest day East Texans have seen since 2020 and this year so far. In Longview, community pools have had to adjust their hours due to lifeguard shortage issues.

Both the Longview Swim Center and the Ingram Pool are making changes due to the lack of lifeguards available. Without any certified applicants’ for lifeguards, some East Texans are headed to the splash pad to beat this record-high heat wave.

A Longview family who are frequent visitors of the swim center share their concern about their community’s labor shortage.

“It is a job situation, but to me, it also boils down to a safety situation. You would rather have the right person out there guarding your child. If something does tragically go wrong as supposed to have just anyone out there and someone just to fill the spot,” said Shreveport resident visiting family, Anita Farrow. “You don’t want just a warm body, you want the correct person out there. Someone that is going to be safe and has the experience.”

Due to this issue, the available spot for Longview families to cool off this summer is at the splash pad located off of H.G. Mosley Parkway.

“The South is a force to be reckoned with. However, this year, it’s unusually hot. They are fortunate to have a facility like this where it’s free and where the kids can come out and play. I think the most important part of this summer and the heat is staying hydrated,” said Farrow.

The City of Longview still has opportunities available for those who are interested in becoming a lifeguard. The job information is available here.

Here are the adjusted hours of operation for Longview pools.