TYLER, Texas (KETK) – UT Tyler was gifted a $50,000 planning grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

This grant is for educators to come together to address the decline of teachers. Not only are classrooms in our state in dire need but the entire nation. Educators across East Texas met together to find solutions to the problem.  

“The main issues we are seeing are from COVID and the amount of pressures teachers had at that time were not only working during the day, some of them even had to work in the evening,” said the Director of Education at UT Tyler, Frank Dykes.

Along with finding quality teachers, seasoned educators are leaving in large numbers.

“I think also pay is a big issue for teachers not making a professional salary is another reason why people leave the profession and I think also just a respect for teachers,” said Dykes.

Strategies to get students, para- professionals and long term substitutes certified faster were also discussed.

“There are less teachers in the pipeline for us to choose from and Texas is growing. There are more students each and every year and so you’ve got more students to teach, fewer teachers to do so and it’s just a reality there’s fewer people to choose from,” said the superintendent of Whitehouse ISD,  Christopher Moran .

The plans discussed will be submitted to the Texas  coordinating board for further review.

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