OVERTON, Texas (KETK) – Bowles Creek Store is filled with food, gifts, and… zebras!

While the striped mammals make the little store intriguing, what’s inside the building is what keeps customers coming back.

The red barn, located on Bowles Creek, opened in October of last year and already has a rich inventory.

The shop carries a variety of items from clothing to children’s toys. They even sell food products, such as locally-made honey.

We would like Bowles Creek Store to be a Saturday morning destination for East Texas

Irene Sanders, OWner

A main attraction for the Rusk County stop is their two zebras out front. While rare in East Texas, the animals are native to Africa, which is where the store owners are from, making these two the perfect new additions to the Piney Woods.

While it may be tempting to pet the striped wildlife on the side of the road, it’s important to remember that zebra are still just that: wild.

So, the Bowles Creek zebras are there to observe and enjoy from afar.

This is a part of KETK and Fox 51’s “Small Business Tuesday.” Morning reporter Corrine Benandi will be going out into the community each week to feature a local business that is building a presence in East Texas.