SMALL BUSINESS TUESDAY: Stay-at-home mom sells wicked candles

Small Business Tuesday

TATUM, Texas (KETK) – Emma Liles started her small business, Little Wing Candle Company, less than a year ago. She left her career as a ninth-grade teacher to stay home and raise her son. To supplement her income, the company was born. 

The stay-at-home-mom makes every candle herself. She crafts each fragrance, every one unique to her company alone. Liles also acts as a scientist and a mathematician to create the proper wax formula. Another aspect of hand-creating the custom candles is wicking them so they will burn correctly. 

Customers can purchase the candles and wax melts in their original containers or in thrift, antique containers which Liles finds all over East Texas. Little Wing Candle Co. does not have a storefront. 

The entire operation is run out of Liles’ Tatum home, and sales are made online through their website and on social media. The business’ Facebook group often hosts games and giveaways for active members. The home operation ships all over the United States, and one day hopes to sell internationally if demand calls for it. 

“I knew I needed to do something to supplement our income so I started researching different ways (and) different things that I can make, because I wanted it to be something that I made with my hands. Something that I could be creative. And, I started looking up some things about candles and here we are. I have become an expert on how to make candles.”

Emma Liles, Owner and Creator

Throughout the month of July, Little Wing Candle Co. is selling a limited edition Harry Potter collection to celebrate the movie’s 20th anniversary. The line has candles and wax melts with smells crafted after characters, movie locations, and a scent for each wizarding house. The collection includes:

·         Harry’s Amortentia: treacle tart, wooden broom handle, something clean

·         Hermione’s Amortentia: freshly mowed grass, spearmint, fresh parchment, very clean cologne

·         Headmaster’s Office: green tea, patchouli, essential oils

·         Hagrid’s Hut: bourbon, butterscotch, tea, honey cornbread

·         Forbidden Forest: moss, damp earth, cedar

·         The Burrow: caramel, chipotle, strudel, spice

·         Malfoy Manor: dark cherry, blood orange, musk, eucalyptus, clove, anise

·         4 Privet Drive: clean cotton, lemon

·         Luna: compare to Scentsy’s Luna

·         Butter Beer: warm yet sparkly butterscotch

·         Pumpkin Juice: pumpkin & spice

·         Bravery & Chivalry: vanilla, amber, sugar, sandalwood (pulls masculine)

·         Hard Work & Loyalty: pineapple, cilantro, sunflower

·         Intelligence & Wit: eucalyptus, spearmint, essential oils, old books

·         Ambition & Cunning: blackberry, sage, musk, lime, basil

Sales on this collection have skyrocketed. The wizarding world scents will stop selling on July 31. 

This is a part of KETK and Fox 51’s “Small Business Tuesday.” Morning reporter Corrine Benandi will be going out into the community each week to feature a local business that is building a presence in East Texas.

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