COFFEE CITY, Texas (KETK) – KETK visited Coffee City on Wednesday for Small Town Live.

This is the fourth city we have showcased during our show.

KETK’s Neal Barton spoke to Lt. Walter Kern with the Coffee City Fire Department.

First responders had a fishing tournament recently to raise funds to purchase equipment. This was the biggest tournament they’ve had yet, and they had 32 teams.

The community was able to raise $3,000 to fix their fire engine and boat.

Kern also shared some advice for Memorial Day and mentioned that people shouldn’t drink while they drive their boats.

“Be sure you shoot (fireworks) off in a safely manner,” he said.

The Gent Mountain Grassburs, a bluegrass band, also played some songs during the show. Some of the members are between 11 and 15-years-old. One of the musicians has been playing the bass since he was 8-years-old.

Texas Game Warden, Chris Swift shared some safety information ahead of Memorial Day.

“Don’t overload your boat,” said Swift. “Don’t put eight people in a boat that’s designed for four people.”

East Texans should also double check their boats and spend time doing boat maintenance beforehand. They should make sure they have enough gasoline.