NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KETK) – KETK is visiting Nacogdoches on Wednesday for Small Town Live.

There are many sites to visit in the oldest town in the state of Texas.

The city is inviting people people to check out their Loblolly Model Train Display from Nov. 25- Dec. 11 at the Nacogdoches Railroad Depot. Residents will be able to learn information about historical trains.

Veronica Amoe, a Historic Sites Manager for the City of Nacogdoches, also said they are almost done restoring Zion Hill Baptist Church.

The Nacogdoches Civic Center is the home for tourism in Nacogdoches as it was built in 1917 and started as a post office, then a library and now the Civic Center.

Ashley Morgan, Creative Content Director for Visit Nacogdoches, explained, “we are aware of large groups coming in from all over the state, all over the country we’ve had motorcycle groups, car groups and even a group that specializes in bricks, like a brick club and they come here because we still have our original bricks.”

The Civic Center will be holding a Holiday in the Pines shopping event Nov. 17-19 and the one day pass will cost $10 while the two day pass will be $15.

For more information about Christmas in the Pines, visit their website.

As Neal Barton continued his journey through beautiful downtown Nacogdoches, he stumbled upon the Gateway statue off of Kings Highway.

The statue is a rich piece of the town’s history that brings up emotions upon seeing it. The statue is a tribute to the courageous families that helped settle the great state of Texas. The piece of art is worth around $30 million and is financed by the Charles and Louis Marie Bright Foundation.

In Neal’s final stop in Nacogdoches, he was joined by Lisa Steed to share information about the upcoming Nacogdoches Art Walk.

The Art Walk is an event where artist can bring their pieces and get put into local businesses so that people attending the event can follow the map to find each piece of art work and if they mark off seeing every piece on their map, they will earn a prize.

The Art Walk will take place on Friday, Nov. 18 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

For more information about the Nacogdoches Art Walk, visit their website or Facebook page.